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Name Price Name Price
Avocado $6.00 Bologna $6.00
Combination $6.25 Coppa,Cooked $6.50
Coppa ,Dry $6.50 Corned Beef $6.50
Cheese Assorted $6.00 Chicken Breast $6.25
Chicken Salad $6.25 Egg Salad $6.00
Galantia $6.25 Ham , Boiled $6.00
Ham , Baked $6.25 Ham , Blackforest $6.25
Ham , Honey Glazed $6.25 Liverwurst $6.00
Mortadella $6.25 Pastrami $6.25
Prosciutto $8.99 Roast Beef $6.50
Seafood Salad $6.25 Salame $6.50
Thueringer $6.25 Tuna $6.25
Turkey , Roasted $6.25 Turkey , Smoked $6.25
Turkey Smoked (Peppere) $6.25 Turkey , Salsa $6.25
Vegetarian $5.75 Cheese Extra $0.75
Avocado $0.75

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Choice Of Cheese
American ,Sharp Cheddar, Smokey Cheddar, Havarti, Monterey Jack, Smoked Gouda, Pepper Jack, Provolone and Swiss
Choice Of Breads
Rolls: Sour dough(French) roll, Sweet(French) roll, Dutch crunch roll, Wheat roll and onion roll.
Sliced Breads
Sliced sour dough(French), Sliced white, Sliced Wheat, Dark Rye and light Rye,
Mayonnaise , Mustard , Lettuce, Tomatos , Pickes and Red Onion
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[eltd_section_title enable_separator=”yes” title_h_element=”h2″ title_text_transform=”None” subtitle_h_element=”h2″ title=”Welcome To Luccas Website” subtitle=”Italian Delicatessen …” title_color=”#0a0000″ subtitle_color=”#0a0000″ subtitle_font_size=”22″]
After World War II, in about 1948, Leo Giacomini, his cousin, Harold Ferrari, and Harold’s brother-in-law, Vince Cerletti decided to put their experience and expertise in the deli business together.
This decision led to the purchase of their very own store named Ultra Delicatessen, which was located on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland. As their family was growing rapidly, they needed to expand their businesses as well, to maintain a steady income to support the family. This led to the beginning of Lucca Delicatessen on 96th and E. 14th street in Oakland in 1958.
A few years later, their third store in Castro Valley was started. After years of hard work, they decided to retire and brought in the kids to take over and run the show.
In 1984, Paul Ferrari and Larry Cerletti combined the names of their stores, Ultra and Lucca, and renamed all the stores as Ultra Lucca Delicatessen. Later, they were able to expand their business even further by opening more stores.
In 1990, they sold their Castro Valley Delicatessen to the curret owners, Syavash Alaee and his family, who continue to run the business today.
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Italian Delicatessen

Tel: (510) 537-2222
Fax: (510) 538-6034
Mon – Sat. 9.00 – 6.00 PM
Sun. 10.00 – 5.00 PM
3121 Castro Valley Blvd. Castro Valley, Ca 94546